Directions to Cosy House in Samos Town

A) From the Airport

Coming from the airport, this is how you will find your holiday home.

1. You take the road to Samos town until you reach the first circle
Follow the direction to Kalami

2. Follow the road for a few kilometers

3. You will find a worksite. You can pass on the left side. Yes, you really can! Everybody does it. Just go slow.

4. At the end of the worksite, turn left and go down the hill

5. Short after, you see two roads to the left. Take the second one

6. Yes, exactly this!

7. After a short bit, you are passing through this road

8. …until you reach this crossing. There, turn half right

9. Now it’s only 50 meters down this road

10. You are there!

The keybox is on the left side of the door. We will send you the code in a separate message!

B) From the Port

It’s only a short walk from the port to your home!

Or a slightly longer drive!