Make the most out of your home!

When you are away, your house doe not have to stay unused.
Rent your home out through AirBnB,, Expedia, or your own website, and turn the expenses for your house into an investment.
We will help you with your success!

Let your house on Samos work for you!

With our AirBnB package, you do not have to be on Samos to be able to rent out your home through the internet.
We provide you with all the necessary services to make your house a source of income!
Our services include:

We will provide a telephone hotline for your guests to take care of their needs and questions.
Upon arrival we can  (optionally) welcome your guests personally and/or  provide a fruit basket and a bottle of wine. It’s these little extras that make for good ratings in AirBnB…
We can collect a safety deposit from your guests if wished and safe keep it.
Upon departure we can check for damages and return the deposit.

After each visit, your house will be cleaned. This ensures it will be in perfect state for the next guests arriving.
For longer stays, we can provide intermediate (weekly) cleaning and changing of linen

We provide a standby maintenance service that can fix the typical issues immediately, like plumbing/water or minor electricity works.
Moreover, we have a network of experts for specialised works (air conditioning, swimming pools etc)

Optional Extras

We know that every property is unique. That’s why we don’t stop here. We can provide you with a wealth of extra services, among them

… and many more. If you don’t find it on the list, just contact us

Photo “gardener transplanting a plant” by Ivan Radic, licensed under CC 2.0