Our winter package will give you the peace of mind you need.

We will check on your property in regular intervals and make sure it will be in the state you left it in when you return.

Your property is in the best hands.

Our winter package includes the following services.

We will visit your property once a month. This is sufficient in most cases, but optionally we will check in more frequently if you wish.

Upon each visit, your house will be cleaned. This prevents insects, bugs or rodents from invading your space and it prevents bad smell.

We will turn on the heating for a limited time and then open the windows; this prevents moisture and bad smell in the house

Electricity and plumbing is checked to ensure functioning when you return.
Moreover, early detection of a problem prevents greater damage.
Small issues we can fix on the spot, for bigger problems, should they occur, we will consult you with a proposal for a solution.

You will receive a detailed report with photos after every visit. This way you can rest assured your house is in good shape.


Optional Extras

We know that every property is unique. That’s why we don’t stop here. We can provide you with a wealth of extra services, among them

And if there is anything that is not on the list – don’t hesitate to contact us!