Home Cleaning

Property management on Samos starts with a clean home.
Wether you use it yourself or rent it out to guests – nothing feels better than coming to a freshly cleaned home!

Find your home clean and shiny - whenever you need it.

A clean house is important in many ways – it makes you feel welcome and relaxed upon your arrival, it shows your guests that you really care, and not least it prevents damp smell, mould and the invasion of insects and rodents, thus preserving the value of your property.

Carefree Samos provides cleaning services for our clients who booked one of our packages, including

At the beginning of the season or when your house had not been inhabited for a longer time, a base cleaning is needed.
Here extra care is taken not only of your floors, but also the insides of cupboards, your windows and your balcony or terrace

To keep your house in good shape throughout the year, intervall cleaning takes care of your floor, furniture where needed, bathroom and kitchen.

If you rent out your home through an online service, or if you live in it yourself and don’t want to go through the works, we provide changing and cleaning of linen on a regular basis.

If you have special requirements just let us know. We are here to help!