Our Packages

AirBnB Package

Having your house empty all year is not the most economical thing. Now you can rent your property out for short term periods even when you are not on Samos – we take care of it for you.
With professional cleaning and maintenance, we ensure that your guests will have an outstanding holiday experience.

Summer Package

A house always needs attention. Be it gardening, cleaning or checking for damages and fixing them – the work never stops. With our summer package we can take this load off you!
For all who do not wish to rent out their property all summer but do not live here this package is the ideal solution

Winter Package

What is better than knowing your house is in safe hands and looked after while you are away in winter?
Our winter package will give you the peace of mind you need.

We will check on your property in regular intervals and make sure it will be in the state you left it in when you return

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your house problems.